• Located in Cape May County in the state of New Jersey, Ocean City is a gorgeous city with many unique attributes that help it stand out from the rest of the state. The city is the largest in its county with around 12,000 residents that build up its population.   Known first as Peck’s Beach,...
  • Welcome to The Cove Beach in Cape May, New Jersey. A great beach with fabulous sunset views, the Cove Beach is also a favorite of local and visiting surfers and kayakers. This beach is one of the most dynamically changing shorelines anywhere along the Jersey coast, frequently gaining or losing fifty...
  • My Top Ten Items to  Do in Atlantic City. Please bare in your mind the listing doesn’t  indicate any particular order or ranking, but all in all these ten  really are a perfect option when going to the Atlantic City area. 1.Atlantic City Beaches – Taking a Walk around the Beach...
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